CompleteCitrus Solution: Economic and Agronomic Overview

The decision is easy; the best crop nutrition solution for your grove is also the most economical for your business.


University of Florida: Cultural Cost of Production per Acre

Grower Standard Program
Dry Liquid Foliar Total
$387 $141 $171 $699
CompleteCitrus by Yara Hybrid Program
9-1-14 BMZ YaraTera NITRAKAL YaraVita CITREL Total
$355 $109 $47 $511

Grower Standard Program derived from: Singerman, A. Cost of Producing Processed Oranges in Southwest Florida in 2019/19. University of Florida, IFAS, CREC.

Yara CompleteCitrus Program derived from 2019 published market pricing and are based on projected cost per acre. Actual costs by acre may vary based on changes in market conditions, product rate applied, application costs, or other factors or variables


CompleteCitrus by Yara Hybrid Program
  Blend with YaraLiva TROPICOTE & BMZ YaraTera NITRAKAL  
# Apps 3 3  
Lbs/Gal 450 lbs/A 20 gal/A TOTAL
N 121.5 31.2 153
P 13.5 0 14
K 189 43.8 233
Ca 148.5 21 170
S 103.95 0 104
Mg 27 0 27
B 0.3375 0 0.34
Zn 1.08 0 1.08
Mn 0.54 0 0.54


Optimal Citrus Blend with YaraLiva® TROPICOTE & BMZ

  • Dry blend designed to achieve balanced nutrition while keeping the 4R nutrient stewardship philosophy in mind
  • Nitrogen source is exclusively YaraLiva Tropicote
  • No negative agronomic effects from ammoniacal nitrogen or chloride
  • Every granule is coated in YaraVita Procote BMZ which allows for maximum feeding sites of micronutrients and reduction in dust

Optimal Citrus Blend with YaraLiva Tropicote & BMZ (9-1-14 11%Ca, 7.7%S, 2%Mg, 0.025%B, 0.04%Mn, 0.08%Zn)

YaraLiva TROPICOTE 1161
TSP 44
SOP 400
K-MAG 370
YaraVita PROCOTE BMZ 100 oz per ton



  • YaraTera Nitrakal works as a part of all fertigation systems and management practices, and provides a balanced formulation of nitrogen, potassium and calcium that are immediately available for uptake
  • Nitrate-nitrogen in YaraTera Nitrakal promotes uptake of critical nutrients in high demand such as calcium and potassium
  • A balanced nitrate-nitrogen, potassium and calcium formulation will minimize heat stress and blossom drop, increasing yields
YaraTera Nitrakal Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N) 5.0%
             0.19% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
             4.81% Nitrate Nitrogen
Soluble Potash (K2O) 7.0%
Calcium (Ca) 3.4%

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