Spreader in a field applying YaraVita Foliar Nutrition in the field

An easier way to check physical compatibilities

Yara Tankmix is a service that checks for physical compatibilities or tank-mixability when using YaraVita foliar crop nutrition products with other crop protection products.

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Yara Lab Technician in the laboratory

Tankmix is a service outlining the mixability of YaraVita products 

The YaraVita product is chosen together with the crop protection product, the website will then generate the list of all laboratory tests that have been carried out involving the selected products and the result of those tests. 

If the required combination is not found it is possible to request a new tank mix test. We carry a large range of crop protection products at our laboratory so if we have stock then a test can usually be performed within a few hours. 

Why tank-mix multiple products? 

Clean air

Weather Conditions

Spray days can be limited due to weather events


Crop Performance

Enhanced timely applications = Improved crop performance


Cost Effective

Optimises machinery and labour resources = cost savings

What are the benefits of Tankmix?

People walking through a field
People walking through a field
  • Accurate information to support the application of YaraVita products
  • Easy to use and understand 
  • Reliable advice on the compatability of spray mixture
  • Online database instantly updated as tests are completed
  • Remove the guesswork, save time and money