Tomato Crop Nutrition

nutrients required by tomato growth stages

Yara is not only a major fertilizer provider to growers throughout the world, but it also has years of experience and knowledge in crop nutrition. 

Yara is committed to helping farmers grow PrimeTomatoes in terms of yield and quality, having an impact on their profitability. Crop knowledge, application competence-including technology tools and services- and the most comprehensive crop nutrition portfolio on the market make up the core of Yara’s Crop Nutrition Solution for tomatoes. 

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The Perfect Fertigation Solution for your Tomatoes

Achieve high marketable yields and improve the quality of your tomato crop with YaraTera® NITRAKAL™.

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Latest Agronomic Advice: Calcium and Heat Stress

Hot weather is hard on people – when we get too hot, we get uncomfortable, we are not as productive, and in severe cases, can suffer significantly. Plants, just like humans, suffer when it is too hot. Heat stress impacts several key processes in plants leading to reduced crop yield and quality. Learn more.

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How to Maximize your Tomato Profits and Navigate Through Processing Challenges

Role of nutrients in tomatoes

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Tomato Crop Nutrition Program

Yara's crop nutrition program for tomatoes can help you achieve excellent crop performance and maximize the yield and quality of your tomato crops.

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