Nitrogen and Sulfur Fertilizer, All in One

Providing crops with balanced nitrogen and sulfur nutrition is vital for maximizing crop performance and yields. YaraVera® AMIDAS™ (40-0-0+5.5) is a granular, homogenous nitrogen and sulfur fertilizer derived from urea and ammonium sulfate that has proven increased effectiveness over blends. YaraVera AMIDAS delivers the essential nutrients together in one prill for optimal crop nutrition efficiencies and improved handling. In addition, YaraVera AMIDAS is recommended for Spreaders, Dry Floaters, Air Drills and Aerial Applications.

Nitrogen and Sulfur All in One Granule Improve Nutrient Uptake

Applied nutrients do not get used by plants effectively unless they are supplied in the right balance. Nitrogen and sulfur have a very synergistic relationship that is key in a crop reaching its full potential. YaraVera AMIDAS’ homogenous nature alleviates the issue of nutrient segregation seen in blends, and delivers a uniform distribution of N and S. When applied together in one granule, it’s also proven that N and S enhance their effectiveness and have a higher rate of nutrient uptake.

Improve Handling and Application with an All-in-One N and S Fertilizer

Each YaraVera AMIDAS prill is coated to ensure the product maintains flowability for optimal handling and application. The coating also protects the product’s integrity and prevents the fertilizer’s effectiveness and strength. YaraVera AMIDAS has significantly less product breakdown and dust than other sources of N and S such as blends. The product’s hardness also improves spreading capabilities, reaching up to 120 feet versus 80 feet as seen by competition, saving an average 33% of passes per field; cutting down on the application time and acres trampled. Even spread of nutrients also eliminates the risk of streaking, commonly seen with application of blends.

Watch YaraVera AMIDAS spreading

Due to its hardness, YaraVera AMIDAS spreading capabilities can go as wide as 120 feet versus 80 feet as seen by competition, saving an average 33% of passes per field.

More Yield per Pound of Nitrogen with a N and S Fertilizer

nitrogen and sulfur fertilizer
nitrogen and sulfur fertilizer

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