Sustainable Turf: Balancing Playability and Soil Health on Sports Turf

In this podcast, we discuss insights drawn from a comprehensive study of North American sports turf fields, unraveling effective management practices that bridge the gap between playability and sustainability.

Yara's Regional Market Development Manager for T&O, Neil Mayberry, and Director of Agronomic Services Dr. Rob Mikkelsen, are joined by special guest Dr. Bryan Hopkins from Brigham Young University.

In the realm of professional sports, the meticulous care of sports turf fields sets the stage for exceptional athlete performance. Unlike traditional farmlands, urban landscapes, or native ecosystems, these specialized fields demand precise agronomic strategies to withstand the rigors of athletic activity. Tailoring crop nutrition to specific turf grass varieties, managing constant foot traffic, and ensuring rapid recovery all contribute to lush, resilient playing surfaces that meet exacting sports industry standards while upholding the health of these green spaces. 

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