Can We Overthink Our Soil Biology?

Have you ever wondered if the buzz around soil biology and its impact on soil health is grounded in scientific evidence or just exaggerated hype?

In this podcast, we're joined by an esteemed expert, Andrew McGuire from Washington State University, to debunk some myths and shed light on the truth behind soil biology and its practical implications for farming practices.

Andy will share his insights on how farmers can navigate the maze of information and make informed decisions for sustainable soil health management.

Listen now:

Andrew McGuire is an agronomist working in the Columbia Basin’s irrigated cropping systems. His current focus is helping farmers build soils, save money, and maintain yields through high-residue farming systems and cover cropping. Andy has been with the CSANR since 1999. Before coming to Washington, Andy worked for the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Western Colorado, and from 1988 to 1990, he served in the Peace Corps as a rural water engineer in Ecuador. Andy has a B.S. degree in Agricultural Engineering from Colorado State University and an M.S. degree in Agronomy from the University of California-Davis.

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