Carbon Farming - Is it Right for your Farm?

In this episode, we play the introduction to a new podcast, Carbon Farming Podcast, a podcast produced by Agoro Carbon Alliance.

Agoro Carbon Alliance is taking action across the global food value chain to grow a permanent, farm-based carbon solution through Farm Carbon Credits and certified climate-smart crops. One question that we hear more often than any other is: so what is carbon farming, anyway?

In this introduction of the Carbon Farming Podcast, Alex Bell, co-founder and CEO of Agoro Carbon Alliance, and Anastasia Pavlovic, co-founder and COO of Agoro Carbon Alliance help us understand what the carbon marketplace is and how it works. Agoro Carbon Alliance was formed to help farmers and ranchers, in future episodes, we'll chat with individuals in the carbon farming value chain so that we can better understand how to strengthen our farms and ranches while sustaining our future.

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