Dr. Isaac Madsen Has X-Ray Vision

Wouldn't it be nice if we could see how the roots of a plant respond to treatments? Well, that is possible, thanks to Dr. Isaac Madsen, Extension Agronomist at Washington State University.

In this podcast, our guest joins Yara's Director of Agronomic Services, Dr. Rob Mikkelsen to teach us about the innovative work he has been doing with scanner technology and root observation.

Listen now:


Here are some of the questions they answered during this episode:

  • What is the advantage of looking at roots instead of at the shoots?
  • What crops can we do this with?
  • What do we learn from these observations?
  • Are there other forms of nitrate-based fertilizers that eliminate the NH4-induced root damage?
  • What is the interest in oilseed crops in the Pacific Northwest?

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