Sowing the Seeds of Profit: Cover Crops, Sustainability, and Soil Health

In this podcast, Yara's Director of Agronomic Services, Dr. Rob Mikkelsen is joined by Curt Knight, Soil Health Agronomist to provide insight on the latest research and practical tips for farmers looking to incorporate cover crops into their operations.

We discuss the benefits of cover crops in terms of sustainability, profitability, and soil health. We also explore the ROI of cover crops and how they can improve nutrient use efficiency in farming. 

Listen now:

Discussed in this episode:

  • Explanation of what cover crops are and how they are used in agriculture
  • Types of cover crops and the benefits of each
  • Some history of cover crops
  • Overview of the benefits of cover crops for sustainability, profitability, and soil health
  • Discussion of the financial benefits of cover crops, including reduced input costs and increased crop yields
  • Explanation of how cover crops can improve nutrient use efficiency by cycling nutrients and reducing leaching

Useful link for further learning: Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Additional information

There are many cost-sharing and incentive programs for cover crops in the US:

  • USDA Cover Crop Subsidy
  • NRCS EQIP (environmental quality incentives program)
  • Carbon credit programs: where the company will pay farmers based on the amount of carbon that their cropping systems have sequestered. Cover crops are usually included in these programs. Learn more at Agoro Carbon Alliance.

In Canada:

  • Ag Action Manitoba
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Canadian Agricultural Partnership
  • On-Farm Climate Action Fund (Canadian Federal Initiative)

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