Ashes to Agriculture: The Ancient Roots of Potash

In this podcast, we are joined by Dr. Davide Ciceri to explore the history, development, and sustainability of the potash industry.

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The episode begins with the origins of potash, which can be traced back to ancient methods of extracting potassium compounds from wood ashes. The conversation then delves into the development of the potash fertilizer industry, highlighting the work of chemist von Liebig and the commercial mining of potash in Germany. The different methods of potash mining, including underground mining and solution mining, are discussed. We also discuss the sustainability of potash resources and the potential for alternative sources of potassium. The importance of considering the right source of potassium for specific crops and soil conditions is emphasized. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the historical significance of potash and the ongoing research and development in the industry.

Dr. Ciceri currently leads innovative R&D at AgroPlantae, Inc. He wrote an insightful article, “Historical and Technical Developments of Potassium Resources.”

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