Being Flexible with Ever-Changing Weather and Diseases

Weather patterns and diseases are ever-changing and hard to predict and a golf course superintendent needs to be dynamic in his/her management.

In this podcast, Yara's T&O Crop Manager Neil Mayberry and guest David Robinson, Senior Director of Golf and Grounds for Marriott International, discuss key strategies for a successful spring transition and tips for helping superintendents and lawn care providers to produce great results.

Listen now:

In this episode:

  • Transitioning from fall/winter to spring
  • Guest David Robinson tells us how they have completely rethought their nitrogen applications over the past years
  • Relying on soil and tissue tests
  • Timing nutrition applications on differing varieties and geographies
  • Being careful not to over irrigate, which can lead to many other problems
  • Best practices for spring transition from overseeded

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