Yara: the world’s leading Ammonia manufacturer and trader

Ammonia is produced by several of Yara’s 30 plants by directly combining hydrogen and nitrogen with a catalyst. The ammonia that Yara manufactures is mostly produced with natural gas as a base. Natural gas is the cleanest hydrocarbon source available.

Ammonia has a use in fertilizers but also in many industrial applications. Yara is the world’s leading manufacturer and trader of ammonia. We trade about one third of the world’s ammonia, making Yara a world leader in supply and safe transport of ammonia in different states. Since 1905, we apply our knowledge to deliver this to many industrial customers safely and on time. Product stewardship in ammonia is one of our focus areas.

Ammonia grades to suit your industrial process

Ammonia grades available to you anywhere in the continental United-States

Anhydrous ammonia Ammonia solution or aqueous ammonia
Anhydrous ammonia refers to ammonia in its purest form: undiluted or without water. Yara supplies anhydrous ammonia as a compressed liquid solution. Ammonia is a colorless gas with a recognizable pungent smell. Ammonia in a solution dissolved with water in different concentrations. The most common strength is 25% w/w. Ammonia solution is safer to use than anhydrous ammonia as most of the ammonia is dissolved. The presence of water greatly reduces the vapor pressure.

Ammonia: a versatile basic chemical with multiple industrial applications

Several industries rely heavily on ammonia. All are served by Yara’s ammonia with constant quality. We regularly analyze the dispatch batches to certify their guaranteed quality. Each batch is verified according to current industry quality standards. We pride ourselves in being experts in ammonia and in delivering consistent high quality products to you, our client.

Jim Haitz
Jim Haitz
VP, Ammonia Trade & Shipping
Amy Wallington
Amy Wallington
Senior Ammonia Operations Coordinator

Reliable ammonia supply where and when you need it

Ammonia can be delivered to your site by rail cars, road tankers or barges in pressure tanks. We handle the logistics from the terminal to your site so that you can safely count on these just-in-time ammonia deliveries for your operations to run optimally. Our clients usually have very low storage capacities for ammonia so Yara has set up a logistics system with a combination of terminals and dedicated vehicles that allow for deliveries of ammonia where and when you need it. Our drivers are fully trained to meet the requirements of transport of ammonia is according to United-States State and Federal regulations.

Ammonia: our North American locations

Belle Plaine, SK

  • Yara Belle Plaine produces ammonia. Most of this production goes to the production of UAN and granular urea.

Tampa, FL

  • Ammonia terminal

Safe ammonia storage and logistics

With over a century’s experience in nitrogen chemicals, Yara is an expert in logistics and storage of ammonia. We will provide you all the technical support you need so that your ammonia installation is as cost efficient and meets all the safety requirements. Yara supplies ammonia around the country by bulk using road tankers, rail cars, barges and vessels. We use dedicated logistics and trained personal only.

All your staff working around the ammonia tank should always wear protective clothing and equipment. The ammonia tank must be protected from access of unauthorised persons.

Some industries relying on ammonia as a basic chemical

Automotive, Textile, Healthcare, Cosmetic, Household goods, Animal nutrition, Nutrition, Plastics & resins, electronics

Ammonia for NOx control

NOx control systems are required for most industrial and manufacturing plants. Ammonia solution is widely used in NOx control systems, largely because it is much more efficient than urea. Yara is also a world leader in SNCR systems with 200 installations at client sites worldwide, also reaching high level of NOx emissions reduction levels thanks to ammonium hydroxide.

If you have any questions, please visit our dedicated NOx reduction pages