Urea manufacturing

Urea is a hot concentrated solution produced by the reaction of ammonia with carbon dioxide. When dissolved with water, this concentrated urea hot-melt liquid becomes an aqueous urea solution or a feedstock for the prilling or granulating process.

  • Prilled urea is used for the technical grade urea market for industrial applications. Prills are small spherical particles. Yara supplies both treated/coated and untreated/uncoated prills depending on your requirements
  • Granular urea becomes fertilizer

For more information on the use of urea as fertilizer, please click here.

Technical grade urea reliable supply

Technical grade urea and agriculture grade urea are sold by Yara in the USA. Yara is a urea manufacturer in several of its 30 plants around the world, including Belle Plaine in Canada.

We manage the entire value chain from production to distribution to your site by shipments in bulk or packaged from our plants to our dedicated terminals on the East and West coast of the US. You can count on us:

  • Our network of plants means you can always rely on supply of urea from Yara
  • Being close to your sites, we are reactive when a challenge arises
  • Our dedicated sales team and back-office staff have a problem solving approach

Technical grade urea: Our main North American locations

Belle Plaine, SK Yara Plant
Stream-lined, cost-efficient manufacturing site using state of the art technology
New Orleans, LA Urea Treminal
Carmen, MB Urea Terminal
Contrecoeur, QC Urea Terminal

Yara plants and terminals in North America

Consistent quality Technical grade urea for multiple applications

Yara makes sure that through the whole production, storage and handling process of prills for Technical Grade urea that a high quality is maintained. This consistent quality is especially essential in areas like food urea or feed urea. It really allows technical grade urea for sale from Yara to be used in multiple applications.

Kevin Sheahan
Kevin Sheahan
Industrial Sales Manager, North America