Urea for technical grade uses

There are multiple uses for Urea Technical grade. You can order from Yara the following and have these products delivered to your site anywhere in the USA.

Urea for glue

This is urea used in the particle board industry. This is a base component for the furniture, construction and wood industries who manufacture panel boards, laminated floors... Yara can answer the requirements for urea resin glue of both the large and small accounts.

Urea for Pharmaceutical applications

Urea for chemical synthesis is used for the production of medical drugs, dyes, desinfectants as well as fish oils or omega 3. Yara has been supplying urea to this industry for many years. We understand its specific demands related to urea precipitation in its manufacturing process.

Urea for Healthcare and cosmetics

Urea is a base component in many creams. Indeed urea has for instance many skin care benefits. Urea is also extensively used in a variety of moisturizers, shampoos and lotions. The manufacturers of healthcare and cosmetics products can rely on Yara’s reliable technical grade urea supply for their production processes.

Urea feed for animal feed

Urea for cattle is an additive that complements the nutrition. Feeding urea to cattle gives them a supplement in nitrogen. There are recommended dosage of urea feed depending on the type of animal. Dairy cows need 25g urea/100kg bodyweight per day. Veal and calves need 30 g urea per 100kg of bodyweight per day. Urea as a feed additive is intended to be mixed to premixtures, feeding stuffs and water. Yara also supplies a whole range of animal nutrition products for animal feed.

Urea for the production of yeast

Technical grade urea is used in the fermentation process for the biofuel industry. Yara supplies urea solution to this industry.

In the last years, urea has also found a new application to reduce nitrogen oxides emissions to air from both transport and stationary sources.

Urea for diesel trucks and tractors Urea for NOx emissions control used with SNCR and SCR technologies
Diesel Exhaust Fluid is the product made from a hot melt urea and used in trucks, tractors or cars. DEF is not made with granular urea which is used as fertilizer in agriculture. It has a specific specification. Using urea instead of Diesel Exhaust Fluid in a vehicle can cause severe damage to the catalyst in the engine and require costly repairs. For more about Yara’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid Solution – Air1, click here

NOx control systems widely use urea. Urea tends to be the reagent of choice for SNCR systems, even if it is less efficient then ammonia. As it is non hazardous, urea’s primary benefit lies in safety reasons for transport, storage and handling. Yara supplies solid urea, that can be dissolved on site, or urea solution in a range of concentrations. Yara is also a world leader in SNCR systems with over 200 installations at client sites worldwide, mainly at cement plants and waste incinerators.

If you have any questions, please visit our dedicated NOx control solutions website

Kevin Sheahan
Kevin Sheahan
Industrial Sales Manager, North America